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Fusion Love : Command & Conquor : Generals


Command and Conquer was an already established franchise by 2003 when C&C: Generals landed. The original title launched at a time when real-time strategy games were few and far between. Westwood Studios had produced the well-received Dune 2 some years before and it was the format of this game, where resources are collected and an armament built to fend off and destroy an enemy who themselves were building up an arsenal to ultimately attack you with, that was used as the basis of C&C from then on. By the time Generals appeared 3D accelerated graphics cards were the rage – therefore the engine used to power the game was a huge step forward compared to the games in the franchise such as Red Alert that came before.

The familiar over the top backstory is ever present with video depicting the propaganda and storyline from the three warring factions – China, America and the naughty GLA representing the fragile Middle East – a brave, questionably politically incorrect and insensitive move at the time with the troubles in that part of the world.

The core game is the same as those C&C games before – collect resources to gain money to build your core buildings that in turn allow you to train troops, build vehicles and weapons of mass destruction. Unleash hell on your opponent before they unleash it on you. Wash, rinse and repeat.
The multiplayer mode within Generals worked a treat back in the day, though the online server now has long gone. Skirmish mode offers the same (but not quite the same) experience with a multitude of multi-player maps catering for those who wish to fight again once more, head to head with the enemy.
With 15 years now passed since the release of this game, it has stood the test of time incredibly well and is still an immensely playable and good looking game with a thumping soundtrack and spot effects.



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