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We are proud to announce our very first CRASH 2022 Live event in collobaration with Revival Retro Events and The Retro Computer Museum.

The event is split into 2 parts:

Main Event

The main event starts at 10am and finishes at 6.30pm. You will have access to all that the event has to offer during this time:

- Over 50 Sinclair systems to play games on that are placed into Zones -The Early Years (1982-1983)The Classic Years (1984-1987), The Latter Years (1988-1992) and What happens Next? (1993 onwards up to the ZX Spectrum Next). Each zone will have systems, games and peripherals appropriate to the years the zone represents. There will also be a smattering of magazines to read appropriate to each zone. Every Sinclair system will be represented from the ZX80 up to the PC 200.

- In addition there will be further Sinclair related areas in the hall : An Adventure Zone, A Celebration of Music/Sound Zone etc.

- There will be 13 traders in total - so bring your credit card along and buy some retro merchandise.
 - A Fusion Zone where non-Sinclair systems will be available to play: Link up Ridge Racer on the Playstation for example, or Network Deathmatch Doom on the PC. This area will make up 20% of the main hall.

- We have booked an additional Q/A room next to the main hall. We have some guests lined up including Malcolm Evans (Trashman, 3D Escape), Clive Townsend (Saboteur), Kevin Toms (Football Manager). In the Q/A room we will also be having a live The Spectrum Show with Paul Jenkinson and Geoff Neil and a Q/A session with Anthony and Nicola Caulfield about their new ZX Spectrum documentary - clips of the film will be shown.

- There will be on-stage gaming and competitions on the big projected screen.

- Littered around the main room will be arcade cabinets to play, with the respective Sinclair versions to play next to them.

- To round up the day, Paul Drury will hold a Quiz for all on the main stage - I am sure we can muster up some appropriate prizes for the winners.
- There will be a fully licenced bar throughout the day, and food available to purchase.


    Evening Event 

    At 7pm the doors will open in the Q/A in readiness for a full showing Anthony and Nicola Caulfield's film The Rubber Keyed Wonder on a projectored screen. The showing is limited to 100 guests only, and will be ticketed separately. There will be an opportunity to mingle with some of the Spectrum legends that appear in the film after the showing. The Q/A room also has a fully licenced bar that will be open for the evening. The evening will close at 10.30pm.

    To attend the Evening event, you will also need a Main Event ticket. 

    : The first 300 tickets sold for the Main Event will get a CRASH themed goody bag on entry (tickets will be checked) - a badge, a Fusion CRASH magazine created just for the event, sticker etc.

    Children Under 3 are FREE - they do not need a ticket. 
    Tickets will not be sold on the door. All tickets at this time will need to be pre-ordered.

    Venue: Poundland Stadium, Bescot Cres, Walsall WS1 4SA