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Antstream and Fusion Retro Books SPECIAL OFFER

Antstream and Fusion Retro Books have teamed up to bring you this fantastic deal for the festive season. For just £60, you will receive a 12 month GOLD Membership with Fusion Retro Books and 12 months access to over 1300 retro games on Antstream Arcade.  

The best games from the 80s, 90s & 00s all in one place, instantly accessible with no downloading roms!

Antstream Arcade is the world’s largest award winning collection of officially licensed retrogames.

Over 1400 full games are immediately playable with instant game saves/pause, global highscores, hundreds of mini challenges and weekly tournaments to compete in. 

Play classic games from Disney, Taito, Atari, Bandai Namco, Cave, Interplay, SNK, Data East and many more such as:

>> Metal Slug
>> R-Type
>> Ninja Gaiden
>> Pac Man
>> Flea
>> Pinball
>> Bubble Bobble
>> Space invaders
>> Centipede
>> Double Dragon
>> Worms

and many many more!  

Challenge global leaderboards and compete against your friends to take the highest score.

Antstream can be played on PC, Mac, Android Mobile, Linux, Browser, FireTV, Nvidia Shield, Samsung TVs (2021+) and various Android TV devices.

Your licence code for access to Antstream will be E-mailed to you within 24hrs (can be a little longer over the XMAS period).

Fusion Retro Books:

Your special GOLD membership will give you all the items listed below for 1 - year:

>> Access to online Flipbooks of all our current and future released magazines and books - this includes:

>> CRASH Issue #1 onwards (currently issues 1-18)
>> ZZAP! 64 Issue #1 onwards (currently issues 1-17)
>> ZZAP! Amiga Issue #1 onwards (currently issues 1-3)
>> AmtixCPC Issue #1 onwards ((currently issues 1-10)
>> SEGA FORCE Issue #1
>> FUSION Issue #1 onwards (currently issues 1-51)
>> FUSION Specials
>> Books - Ocean History, US Gold Story, The Oliver Twins
>> System Books - ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga
and more!

All items can be downloaded as PDFs.

Take a look at our latest issue of ZZAP! Amiga in Flipbook: https://online.flipbuilder.com/ankhx/exyq/

>> 20% off purchases on site 

>> Membership Card

>> Fusion Insider 16-page magazine, every 6 months (end of June, end of December)

>> 25% discount off products at FUSION events (on showing Membership card) 

>> Access to Fusion Insider Blog