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About Us

Fusion Retro Books

Welcome to Fusion Retro Books , home of high quality retro books and magazines.  

In the books we publish, we pride ourselves in including memoirs from the developers, artists and musicians within each and everyone one of our publications, thus giving the reader a personal insight into what it was like developing games on the 80s & 90s consoles and computers.

Our first launch title was 'The History of Ocean Software' - a book that has continued to hit a chord with many a nostalgic gamer. We successfully ran a Kickstarter back in November 2012 that raised a modest sum of money allowing us to produce a high quality, 264 page book on one of the largest software publishers of the 1980s and 90s. We left no stone unturned - talking to all those at the top of the management chain right down to those in the dungeon of Central Street, Manchester. The book continues to sell well.

We have continued producing high quality books that are now accompanied with a range of unique magazines including the comeback of CRASH and ZZAP! and new regular publications for the Spectrum Next and Sega family.